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The mission of Saint Clare
School for Special Education

is to educate children with learning differences

Our Approach

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA)

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a field of psychology that focuses on applying learning theories to different people and situations. One specific application of these techniques is intensive behavioral intervention for children with autism.

Teaching techniques based on ABA have been shown to significantly improve the abilities of children with autism to learn and develop. Research has shown ABA to be effective in reducing disruptive behaviors typically observed in individuals with autism, such as self-injury, tantrums, non-compliance, and self-stimulation. ABA has also been shown to be effective in teaching commonly deficient skills such as complex communication, social, play and self-help skills.

• Breaking complex tasks into smaller tasks that can be taught more easily

• Providing repeated opportunities to learn and master new skills

• Using reinforcement procedures to assist in acquisition of new skills

• Understanding the functions of behaviors (e.g. communication, attention seeking, avoidance, etc) and developing programs to meet the child’s needs

• Making objective, data, driven decisions to guide our evaluation of treatment progress
• Utilizing effective teaching techniques, such as discrete trial teaching

• Emphasis on a positive and systematic approach to teaching functional skills and reducing behavior problems

• While we found certain teaching techniques to be consistently effective, we also recognize that each person working with a child has their own style and unique contribution to make to the educational treatment process

• Our general approach is very pragmatic: if it works, stick with it, if it does not work, figure out how to fix it!

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