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The mission of Saint Clare
School for Special Education

is to educate children with learning differences


Curriculum Overview

The curriculum supports the development of the whole child by addressing the academic, social, and emotional growth of each individual. It is intended to be delivered through the selection of research-based programs and specialized instructional techniques that support students having learning differences. This curriculum is based on our belief in the importance of providing students with developmentally appropriate content and skill development in each subject area, with the understanding that many skills and concepts are taught over a period of time using progressively more challenging materials and having increased expectations for student performance. Each teacher’s curriculum guide provides a well-articulated map for instruction. Our curriculum philosophy directly supports the school’s mission in supporting students with learning differences in becoming competent learners and resilient individuals. Through a curriculum that provides a structured scope and sequence of skills that are continually reinforced and assessed, students are supported in learning how to learn, how to problem solve, and how to think critically.

Our curriculum philosophy is reflective of our curriculum values. The following principles guide our work.

We Value:

  • A belief in the potential of all learners
  • Respect and support for individual learning differences
  • Best practices in teaching and learning
  • Collaborative decision-making
  • Ongoing curriculum analysis and development
  • Differentiation in instructional practices
  • Purposeful assessment that fosters increased student progress and guides curricular decisions
  • Effective professional development

In an effort to support our commitment to continuous improvement, our goals are to make curriculum decisions based on the needs of our learners, to continually seek out current research-based programs and practices, to continue the ongoing development of a comprehensive curriculum, to continue to revise and refine curriculum documents, and to engage in collaborative decision-making

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Saint Clare School for Special Education

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