ADMISSION - criteria


Immersion Program

Saint Clare School for Special Education offers an Immersion Program to all students prior to formal enrollment.

The child will be placed in a class, close observation on the child by the class teaching team (The class teacher and his/her teacher assistant (s)) is made for about three (3) weeks after which an Observation Report is submitted to the Principal for his evaluation. This is a three week period of observation during which teachers assess the child in terms of his/her academic, social, and emotional growth. The school aims to assess the learning problems of student and the type and degree of intervention required.

Upon completion of these three (3) weeks, a consultative meeting with the parents, the teacher, therapist (if applicable), a psychologist/counsellor (if applicable) and the Principal is held. Also all other relevant information pertaining to the student viz., his educational/psychological report, medical report (if available or applicable), etc., are presented together with the Observation Report.

After completing the immersion program the parents and school mutually agree to have the student admitted into the school, further observation cum assessment of the student will be done to create the Individual Education Program.

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