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Our Safe Distancing Measures

11 FEBRUARY 2020
Monitoring and enforcement

Appointment of Safe Management Officer (SMO)

Visitor control

Password access security system

No unscheduled visits

Official visitors to be housed in annex rooms, separate from school premises

Essential visitors including vendors, partners are only allowed before or after school hours

Contact tracing

Safe entry

Electronic attendance monitoring system Mandatory Trace together

Safe distancing

Staggered arrival/departure of students and systematic onboarding/processing

Low student to class size ratio

In-classroom recess and catered meals for all staff and students

Classrooms located in separate blocks, with separate entry/exit access and separate washrooms

No intermingling and inter-class activities and no outdoor group activities

Meetings to be held off-site or virtually where possible

Health Monitoring and preventive measures

Temperature taking 3 times daily

Mandatory wearing of Masks /face shields for all staff and students (for those can tolerate masks)

1-hour interval hand washing /sanitization for all students

Twice daily cleaning and disinfection of premises, including all classrooms and wipe downs after meals

No sharing of common stationery

Students will have their own set of stationery

Only disposal cutlery or personal cutlery are to be used during meals

LOA regime for students staying with household members with QO’s or SHN’s

All prevailing and future preventive measures in accordance with MOH, CPE advisories