About Us

Our Story

It is a simple story. Saint Clare school was founded on one Man’s desire to do things right by his students. he holds this belief that discipline and structure must underpin any special needs academic delivery system and since incorporation in July 2007, Saint Clare School has remained steadfast in this philosophy.

In the same year , he met with its co-founder who maintains that the success of the school is not dependent on how many students the school enrols but by the number we are able to integrate back into the mainstream The two founders continue to manage the school.

From the Principal’s Desk


Dear Parents, Students and Visitors,

Welcome to Saint Clare School for Special Education! My name is Prakalathan Kelaver, and I am honored and privileged to serve the students, staff, and parents as the principal at Saint Clare School. They are embraced by a community of teachers, administrators, and parents who ensure Saint Clare School is a place where children “feel safe, are loved, and enjoy learning.” Our school continues to strive toward excellent student achievement in a positive and caring environment.

A common thread throughout our school is the strong teaching staff and support personnel. We are very fortunate to have an incredible group of teachers and therapists who work collaboratively to ensure we meet the needs of all our students. All of the support personnel care deeply for the health and welfare of our students. Together they are a team of caring individuals who everyday strive for our children to be good students and citizens.

Children are the priority at Saint Clare School. Student achievement is our primary goal, which is met through various teaching strategies tailored to meet the individual needs of our students. Our teachers are dedicated, hardworking, and provide an enriched nurturing environment for our students. You will not find a more committed staff that truly has the love of children in their hearts.

Thank you for entrusting us with your precious children who make every day at Saint Clare School such a wonderful place to be! We warmly welcome you to our school.

M.Prakalathan Kelaver M.Ed


Our Vision

To raise the quality of life of our students by improving outcomes.


Living outcomes


Learning outcomes


Working outcomes

Our Mission

We will achieve this though a rigorous academic delivery system and innovation underpinned by our guiding principle; The needs of our students must always come first.

girl holding pencil and standing K2B458N

Students are standing reading a book on PSREU92

Our Values


Diligent and resolute work is the foundation of our rigourous academic delivery system. Currently every student’s curriculum-it takes 6 weeks to design and incorporates inputs from teachers and therapists- is evaluated and reviewed once a year, progress report is furnished every six months, assessment and monitoring is recorded daily, and updates are communicated to parents daily, lesson plans are reviewed for effectiveness twice monthly.


Creativity is an aspiration we strive for in the decisions we make on behalf of our students and the school. We are constantly asking ourselves: Are our lesson plans creative enough to engage our students? Can we find creative job placements in non-traditional work options for our students? Is there a creative and effective way in which the parent can decide if the school is best placed for the child’s needs without having to commit to long term enrollment? Can we construct creative compensation and reward structures to minimise high staff turnover while still maintaining our costs?


The school believes that innovation does not happen only when there is a spark of inspiration. It begins by putting in place a system of data gathering, reviewing of data, evaluating options and then making improvements. We expect ourselves to constantly ask how we can do something better.

Academic Board And Examination Board Members

Kelvin Ng Kang Wen
Mr. Kelvin Ng

- Director

Bachelors Degree in Business from Monash University Australia.

Prakalathan Kelaver
Mr. Prakalathan Kelaver

– Principal

Bachelor in Special Education - University of Central Oklahoma -USA

Master in Special Education - University of Central Oklahoma - USA

Leowelda Omandac Beja
Ms. Leowelda Omandac Beja

– Assistant Principal

Master of Education in Educational Leadership and Policy - Monash University

Diploma in Special Education Teaching – University of Science and Technology in SOuthern Philippines

JRuchi Bhatnagar
Ms. Ruchi Bhatnagar

– Lead Teacher & Senior Head

Diploma in Learning Disorders Management and Child Psychology – College of Allied Educators, Singapore

Certificate in Assessment, Evaluation, and Programming System (AEPS) for Infant & Children [Introduction and Intermediate level] - National Council of Social Services, Singapore

School Management Committee Members

Ng Kang Wen
Mr. Kelvin Ng

- School Director

Bachelors Degree in Business from Monash University Australia.

 Prakalathan Kelaver
Mr. Prakalathan Kelaver

– Principal

Bachelor in Special Education - University of Central Oklahoma -USA

Master in Special Education - University of Central Oklahoma - USA